Your senior team are a valuable investment of talent and the way they behave not only impacts on the performance of your business but also acts as a role model for the rest of your organisation. We can help drive the effectiveness of your top team in the following ways:

We have helped leadership teams all over the world understand their individual and team strengths and risks through:

  • A range of psychometrics and 360° assessments, interviews and observation
  • Facilitated team events to highlight where the team is strong and where it needs to develop its capability

Our expert facilitation will help your team build ways of working that are collaborative, will drive delivery and set an example for a culture of performance for the entire business.

We can help you build an agreed, aligned high-level strategy for delivery to ensure maximum buy in from all key stakeholders.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Chris over several years. Chris has helped me with team building, team analysis and alignment, team goal setting, leadership development advice, team coaching, and conflict resolution.

He has also supported me with strategic planning facilitation, linking that to team work. Through all of these, in several different roles I have held, he has been a supportive, astute and committed business partner, with a wonderful sense of humour. We have developed a friendship over the years, which I value highly.

However, Chris has never shied away from giving me direct and constructive feedback, despite our friendship. I would work with Chris any day of the week, month or year, and know I would get valuable support, input and development." Fathima - South Africa